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Trade-in Diamonds

Trading in your items mean you will receive Diamond ICQ store credits instead of cash, you can use our store credits to purchase your diamond or jewellery within the next 6 months. Our trade-in offers can be up to 20% higher than our cash offers depending on your item.

We accept trade-in of all types and sizes of diamond, gemstone and precious metal jewellery as long as they are authenticated by us as real and legit, including loose diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, sapphire, ruby, jade, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

Diamond ICQ is the most trusted independent diamond retailer and distributor in Hong Kong with close to 30 years of experience. We are a proud holder of 8 key accreditations in locally and internationally, which we have the largest retail selection of diamonds and jewellery in the city. We are also one of the few active diamond buyers in Asia, offering the most competitive diamond buyback offers. By trading in, you will inistantly receive get up to 20% more in Diamond ICQ store credits! We guaarantee you will always be able to find your next diamond of jewellery piece with our incredibly large product selection.

You can instantly start trading-in by first getting a quote via our online quotation system. Alternatively, you can also bring them to our showroom directly together with relevant receipts, certificates and documentations, if any. If you decide to trade-in your item after getting your quote, you will receive Diamond ICQ store credits in your account, which you can use to purchase other diamonds and jewellery from us within the next 6 months.

No, there is no cap on your diamond's value or size when you sell to us. The good news is that we also don't have a minimum carat requirement too.

Yes, we warmly welcome our clients who wish to schedule an appointment and are happy to host you in our showroom.

No, we don't charge any commission or extra fees when you buy or sell diamonds and jewellery on our platform.

Your trade-in credits can be used anytime without an expiry date.

No, store credits are not convertible or transferable.

Yes, you can use your store credit in our showroom or online store.

You can login to your account and check your balance under 'Summary'. Alternatively, you can phone us and our team will be able to access your store credit records.

Yes, you can use your store credits for purchases in our online store.

No, not necessarily. You can also send in your items by arranging a courier. We strongly advise to choose a reputable courier with proper shipping insurance for valuable items.

Yes, it is generally very safe to ship diamonds. We strongly advise to pick a reputable forwarders like Fedex, DHL and UPS, as well as having your diamond's value fully declared and insured. These are our standard procedures when we ship out diamond and jewellery to our customers.