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Getting Your Quotation

Via our 3-Step Online Quotation System, you can easily upload your item and certificate images for us to provide an accurate quotation.

You can submit up to 5 items per quotation, and there is no quotation limit per customer, meaning you can quote as many as you want.

Ideally, you should provide at least ONE item image and ONE certificate image, together with your contact information. For items without any certificates, please refer to our jewellery and diamonds grading and certification services here.

Yes, but you will have to either send in or bring in your diamond to us for a detailed professional appraisal. We also offer GIA and IGI official diamond certification services.

You can easily take or upload photos via our intuitive quotation submission flow here.

You can begin getting your quotation here.

The beauty of natural diamonds is their uniqueness, which documenting every inclusion on the certificate is impossible. Therefore what we quoted are based on information provided by the certificate, which there are still many uncertainties until we can inspect the actual stone or item. Our quotation price range takes care of these discrepancies.

Your quote is valid for 48 hours upon our confirmed quotation.

If you are willing to accept our offer, you must confirm within 48 hours by making an appointment to our showroom to complete the sale. If you are from overseas, you will have to ship us your item.