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Diamond ICQ is an independent diamond retailer and distributor in Hong Kong, with over 30 years of experience and expertise in the world of diamonds. 

As a proud holder of 8 key accreditations in Hong Kong and internationally, Diamond ICQ serves as an active diamond trader offering competitive buyback prices for pre-owned diamonds and an extensive collection of the finest diamonds and jewelry. 

Founded by an innate GIA-certified gemologist with an intuitive mastery of his trade. Diamond ICQ has grown into a team of specialists to source the world’s rarest diamonds and gemstones for a vast portfolio of discerning clientele.

Discover Diamond ICQ

Placing client satisfaction at the heart of the business, our team of diamond specialists are highly trained to provide clients personalised consultation experiences to assist them in making informed purchasing decisions. 

Through the process of diamond appraisal, detailed evaluation is performed on every diamond stone and jewellery piece to maximise the value of our clients’ personal diamond collection.

From exceptional in scale to intricate in design, Diamond ICQ presents a wide array of jewellery in the form of engagement rings, coloured diamonds and rare gems at the house’s dedicated showroom in Tsim Sha Tsui. A private consultation room is available to host clients who are interested in exploring the high art of diamonds and Diamond ICQ’s exquisite collection.  

The Guide to Diamonds

With a passion to support clients in finding their perfect diamond, Diamond ICQ is pleased to introduce Gem Notes as the ‘go-to guide’, where you find useful information and the best practices to evaluate the different types and qualities of diamonds. Venturing beyond the 4C’s of diamonds to explore additional variables such as diamond fluorescence and more. 

In addition, the first-hand tips on how to secure more diamonds for your money, alongside with the ins and outs of selling your diamond collection, and the latest updates to capture the best diamond deals in town.

Diamond Buyback Guarantee

Selling your diamond jewellery and loose diamonds to Diamond ICQ is guaranteed to be secure, transparent and hassle free, completed with instant cash transfer. Whether you are a professional diamond trader, jewellery collector or a passionate diamond enthusiasts, we promise to buyback any quality and size of natural diamonds as long as they are authentic, whether it comes with a diamond certificate or not. We promise there will always be an offer to buyback any  authentic diamond product that you want to sell. Customers can choose to complete their selling process online starting off by getting a free quotation, or schedule an appointment to visit our Tsim Sha Tsui diamond showroom together with their diamond jewellery for sale.

Rules of Engagement 

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Please keep comments relevant to the conversations taking place, and refrain from posting private information on this public platform. We will actively moderate comments and remove any that are considered offensive or irrelevant. 

Should you have questions about our products or services, please feel free to reach out to our customer services team, or schedule a visit to our store. 

Thank you, and please stay tuned for our next blog post!

Diamond ICQ Team