15 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Diamonds

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Throughout history, the impeccable beauty, unique optical and physical qualities have transformed diamonds into the most treasured type of gemstone. As no two diamonds in the world are the same, each stone is formed with its own character.

Why are diamonds so special? Whilst we seek the answers to this timeless question, our founders unfold 15 surprising facts about diamond.

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Cupid’s arrow had a diamond tip

The word “diamond” originates from the ancient Greek word, “adamas”, meaning unbreakable or invincible. As the hardest natural substance in the world, the historical origin and physical characteristics of diamonds represent strength and power.

The Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were tears of the gods. The Romans thought that Cupid’s arrow had a diamond tip. This is the earliest link between the gemstone and love.

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The largest diamond ever discovered is 3106 carats

Named after the chairman of the mining company; Thomas Cullinan, The Cullinan Diamond was discovered near Pretoria, South Africa on 26 January 1905. In its uncut state, the stone weighed 3,106 metric carats, with an mesmerising blue-white colour, and exceptional clarity.

The stone was cut by leading diamond cutters of the era, Asschers of Amsterdam. It took three men, eight months of 14 hour days, to cut and polish nine large stones and a further 97 small brilliants. The nine stones were given a number from I to IX.

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It is almost impossible to distinguish natural and lab diamonds with the naked eye

Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural, mined diamonds. It is almost impossible to detect a synthetic diamond using the naked eye, but specialist testing methods can tell the two apart. Although gaining popularity due to affordability, natural diamonds still capture the hearts of many. Diamond ICQ’s marketplace offers all natural, mined diamonds at very competitive prices - some even more affordable than laboratory grown stones.

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One City in India cuts 90% of the world’s diamonds  

The best craftsmen and experience are found in Surat, India’s second largest city in the Gujarat province. With over half a century of diamond cutting and polishing history, almost 90% of all diamonds cut and polished worldwide, pass through the expert hands of Surati craftsmen.

Surat is now commonly known as the ‘Diamond City of India’, and is home to almost 8 million people. Located beside the Tapi River, the city was once known for silk weaving.

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A 1 carat Diamond requires 250 tonnes of earth mining

Natural diamonds are a form of carbon (the same material found in writing pencils), created through pressure and heat, deep under the Earth’s surface. Over time, these precious gemstones are brought to the earth’s surface through a process of volcanic eruptions and tectonic movements. It is recorded that around 250 tonnes of earth will be mined to form a one-carat diamond.

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The word carat (karat) comes from the Carob bean

A diamond carat is the weight measurement of a diamond, taken from Medieval French and Italian, from Arabic qīrāt, meaning “bean pod,” which is itself from Greek keration, referring to both the carob bean and a small weight. The standard unit of a “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams. Each carat is subdivided into 100 ‘points’, which enables exact measurements to the hundredth decimal place. If a diamond is below one carat, the jeweller might refer to the diamond by its ‘points’ alone.


It takes up to 20 years to become a master diamond cutter

Once a rough diamond arrives in India, Israel, New York, Antwerp, or elsewhere, a highly trained diamond cutter cuts it either by hand or using a machine. With a machine, most diamonds can be cut within 24 hours. Hand cutting a diamond takes anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. Master diamond cutters hone their craft over 5-20 years, beginning their careers as an apprentice.

The hardest diamond shapes to achieve include marquise cut, specialty cuts such as heart-shaped and trilliant, and any other custom or uncommon shape. On the other hand, the easiest diamond shape is round cut, which is also the most popular.

Diamond ICQ has its own diamond cutting facilities in Surat, India. 

The diamond price primarily depends on its carat weight. As larger diamonds are rarer, the value of the diamond increases exponentially. Other factors such as cut, clarity, and colour also affect its pricing. Did you know Diamond ICQ has its own in-house diamond cutting facilities and professional cutters based in Surat ?

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Only less than 30 true red diamonds exist.

That’s right - there are natural coloured diamonds! The rarest diamond colour is the red diamond. They are so rare that less than 30 true red diamonds are known to exist. They can cost $1 million per carat and most of the red diamonds in existence are less than ½ a carat in size.

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A diamond often evokes the image of a white or colourless gemstone. However, diamonds come in all colours of the rainbow and are formed in the same fashion, but with one unique difference. During the crystallisation process, diamonds are exposed to specific foreign particles which in turn change the colour, tone and saturation of the gemstones.

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A polished diamond can lose up to 50% of its original weight

An untouched raw diamond will lose up to 50% of its original carat weight during the cutting and polishing process. While the diamond may not hold the same weight as before, the precious gemstone will be shaped to the perfect proportion, embodying the combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation.

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The most expensive diamond is worth is equivalent to 1,225 Hermes Crocodile Berkins

With a price of 553,037,500 HKD (~ 7.11 Millon USD) - The Pink Star is hailed as ‘One Of The World’s Great Natural Treasures’ by Sotheby’s, 

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The oval-shaped 59.6 carat stone was bought after just five minutes’ bidding - setting a new world record for any gemstone at auction, beating the previous record - held by the Oppenheimer Blue. That is equivalent to the price for 1225 Hermes Crocodile Berkin handbags.

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Diamonds are used for carving jade

As Jade is rated between 6 and 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale, you will need a material rated at 10 to cut, shape and polish Jade. For this, Diamond tools are essential.

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GIA graded diamonds hold their value better

A GIA diamond, i.e., a diamond graded by GIA, will generally be more expensive than other gradings and certifications in the market. This is because GIA has stricter grading standards than other organisations, and any diamond graded by them will have gone through more rigorous testing, leaving less room for ambiguity. Looking for GIA certified stones? You can find out our real-time diamond stockpile and prices via our online diamond finder.

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Diamonds naturally attract oils and grease

Science proves that hydrocarbons, oils and greases are naturally attracted to surfaces which do not contain oxygen. Given diamonds are made of pure carbon, they provide the perfect surface to stick onto. If you want to keep a diamond sparkle as brightly as the day you received it, it is important to treat the gemstone with regular care and maintenance. Diamond ICQ offers a complimentary cleaning service for your diamonds when you book a buyback quotation.


Hong Kong’s Diamond Hill never had any diamonds

Contrary to its name, the area does not contain any diamond deposits. The area was known as a stone quarry for many years before urban development took place. The most accepted theory is that the English name for the area was a simple mistranslation, for in Cantonese, the word "鑽⽯" can mean either "diamonds" or "to drill for rocks"

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